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We Can Read

By Donald Joyce

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We Can Read

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The We Can Read website was created to help children learn to read. There are stories for beginners to develop their reading skills and much more.

Just click on a story below and start reading!

I Am Hungry!

By Donald Joyce

Learn about different kinds of food with this story

about a hungry boy.

What Is It?

By Donald Joyce

Learn how to identify things with this new story.

Where Do You Want To Go?

By Donald Joyce

Read about places people go in this new story.

Where is Mr. Chilly?

By Donald Joyce

Learn about prepositions of place with this new story about a sneaky chinchilla!

What Can You Make With These Shapes? By Donald Joyce

Read about shapes and try to create your own pictures after you read the story!

Jerry the Giraffe

By: Donald Joyce

Jerry is trying to reach the leaves at the top of the tree. Will he get to the top?

The Pest

By: Donald Joyce

Kelly's little brother is a little naughty. He likes making Kelly angry.

Gordy the Gorilla

By: Donald Joyce

The other gorillas do not like Gordy. Will they learn to like him?

So Many Daddies

By: Donald Joyce

Kevin loves his daddy. Wouldn't it be cool if he had a lot of daddies?

We Can Read: Reading Lessons for Beginners  

Click on a story and start reading!

About the We Can Read Program:

Follow the 3 steps carefully and you will be reading in no time!

Before the reading begins, important words are introduced to help the reader.

When you are reading, there is a pencil that will help you read by moving along under the words.

After reading the story, try talking about your own feelings and experiences.

Get a pencil and paper ready!

Practice spelling with the

We Can Read

Spelling Challenge videos!

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Play a Memory Game with with

The Magic Man!

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Play a Spelling & Phonics Vocabulary game with

Hungry Monster!

For more Hungry Monster games, click here.

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