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PowerPoint Presentations and Worksheets

The story, "What Is In Your Schoolbag?" helps learners practice vocabulary relating to school.

"Colors, Colors, Colors", helps learners identify colors in English.

"What Can You Make With These Shapes?" will help learners identify shapes. Learners can use their own imaginations to create things with shapes.

"How Many Birds Are In The Tree?" helps learners practice counting and using number in English.

"What Do You Like?" will help learners practice the names of fruit as well as practice expressing their preferences.

"Do You Feel Better?" is about a boy's visit with a doctor. Learners can practice naming the parts of the body.

"Who Is That?" helps learners identify the people in their family in English.

"Let's Go To The Park!" will help learners identify things in a park/playground.

Learn the names of creatures you might see in a garden with the story, "What Is In Your Garden?"

Learners can practice talking about their abilities with the story, "What Can You Do?"

"What Is It?" helps learners identify things they may not know how to identify.

Learners can develop the skill of asking for foods they want with the story, "I Am Hungry!"

Learners can practice how to use prepositions of place with the story, "Where Is Mr. Chilly?"

With the story, "Where Do You Want To Go?" learners can practice telling people where they want to go.

With the story, "At The Zoo", learners can practice animal vocabulary and the Present Continuous Tense.

With the story, "At the Toy Store", learners can practice vocabulary relating to toys you can buy in a toy store.

The story, "Show And Tell" helps learners practice using adjectives.  

"How Do You Go To School?" focuses on transportation words. Learners can tell people how they get around.

"What Should I Wear?" focuses on clothing vocabulary and using should.

The Story, "What Do You Want To Be?" helps learners practice vocabulary relating to occupations.

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