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Donald Joyce,



"Patience is the first step in showing confidence in someone or a group."

-Gregg Popovich

Reading Buddies Program at Zhongshan Elementary

We Can Read

A reading program to support young learners.

Grade 1 students at Zonghshan Elementary watching a reading video, What Can You Make With These Shapes?

Watch the video for, What Can You Make With These Shapes?

Click here to visit my website for young readers.

Student Led Food Drive at Tsai Hsing Elementary

Discovering Germination at Tsai Hsing Elementary

Support for Students at Home

A class website I maintain to help support students at home and communicate with parents. The website has information on my teaching approach, notes for parents, review videos, and class photos. Click on the image to visit the homepage of one of my recent class websites.

A page full of links to review videos I personally create to support students in their learning. Click on the image to visit the page of review videos.

A Unit on Taiwan's Economy at Tsai Hsing Elementary

One of my favorite units I have taught was a unit about Taiwan's Economy for Grade 3 students. The challenge was to find a way to help students in grade 3 understand a topic often reserved for much older students. Click on the image to view a summary of the unit. 

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